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How To Get Your Dream Record Deal

From your love for music, it is obvious that you wish to make a career with music and take your band to places. Music is your life and your dreams are made of concerts and someday you hope to cut a deal with a music recording company. Well, nothing stops you from working towards it from today itself. Let these guidelines help you to prepare for it and move in that direction.
We have given you two very good Tips on How to Get a Record Deal
The first point starts with having to reach samples of your music to the recording companies so that you get their attention.
There is always a demand for fresh talent in the music industry for artists who are making good music and are able to enthrall the audience.
But before you send out your demo tape, make sure that you recorded your best songs in there. Bear in mind that the main reason why you send it out to them is for you to get that record contract so do not just send in your 'sample piece'. Send in your best shot!
Don't forget to follow up. Once you send out your demo tape see to it that you follow it up after two days. You can call in their office and look for the person whom you've left your tape or you can visit their place and check if they already get a chance to listen to your demo tape.
Your job doesn't end with just submitting the music sample. You should give a call to the person you have submitted every day or once in two days to check the status and ensure they give it the necessary attention. When they are receiving hundreds of samples, it might become difficult for them to give attention to all and hence it is in your interest to follow up.
Always be polite and make pleasant conversation on the phone with the person you follow up with. You might end up building a nice rapport and find it helpful.
Concentrate on your music, produce your best, follow these tips and leave the rest to God.
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How to Create Audio Products to Sell

When customers visits your site, the best audio should be played. Vocals should be clear and full, music should be balanced and optimized for comfortable listening. There is 4 steps in the recording process, record,edit, mix and master.When recording, make sure audio does not clip, by following this simple technique, your digital recording will sound clear and more defined without distortion. If you make beats try not to record the the drums to loud, you are only in the recording process, save the loudness for the last step. If you record pod-casts, try not to record close to appliances or by a window, this can enter rumble or unwanted noise in your audio. Garbage signal in will produce a garbage signal out so watch the levels and try to record clean signal. Editing is the next step and a very important one! This is where you splice, trim, cut and clean audio tracks one by one. Depending on the level of tracks, this can be time consuming but
Using the scrub tool you can closely listen for errors and cut out what you don't want to be heard. Most audio software comes with tools that allow you to delete unwanted noise (Pro tools strip silence tool) by cutting out the noise.
Once you have successfully editing out unwanted noises, mixing is the fourth step. This is where you add creative effects to your guitars, vocals and drums. Adding compression to vocals and drums will keep the dynamics in check, leaving your mix sounding more balanced. Re-verbs and delays has an affect on the wetness and aliveness of guitars,vocals and drums, too much and they will sound thin and airy. The trick is to mix all tracks so that they can be heard clearly without clipping the master signal in red.
One way of doing this is by panning some instruments to the left or right speaker. Think about how a drum roll is played, try to emulate that feeling by panning toms and overheads to the left and right. Panning overdubs from vocals can give an awesome effect as well.
Once this is accomplished and rendered down to two track stereo (24 bit or 16 bit 441 wave file)
Mastering is the last creative step, this is where mastering engineers run your project through analyzing software to see what audio frequencies from bass, drums, guitars and vocals are conflicting. Most people record in their basements, or in bedrooms without proper acoustics. This can have an affect on the quality of your audio for several reasons; inferior speakers, audio frequencies bouncing of the wall and hot levels. Audio Mastering balances the stereo tracks so that instruments can play at optimum levels. Music, podcast and audio books needs mastering. For more information on mastering check out my link below, thank you for your time and consideration!

Mixing and Mastering Audio: Tips to Mix Your Beats Like a Pro

When you mix your beats remember you are taking part in a great evolving art form. It began in the South Bronx of New York City in the 1970s; hip hop experienced transition, revolution and even decline; yet it finally secured its place within the mainstream in 2000s.
When producing hip hop albums, it is important to consider first the music beat as it requires a combination of music pattern by mixing derivative pieces of different songs. Final mixes are usually then submitted for mastering. Mastering is the final touch in polishing an audio production for an album as it enhances the clarity of mixes making the sound of songs to be more coherent and ensuring that the mixes sound well on any audio devices.
Mixing beats may sound simple, but there are important points that you should know before submitting your track for mastering.
First, you should be familiar with the terms in mixing domain:
• Level - is about relative level between instruments and their dynamics.
• Frequency - is referring to the spectral content of the various instruments and the overall mix.
• Space - is about with the spatial aspect of the various instruments that is often further subdivided into two sub-areas:
- Stereo - is concerned with the horizontal panoramic aspects of instruments.
- Depth - is all about the front-back aspects of instruments.
Whenever you are mixing and mastering audio; the source material will undergo noise reduction, compression, limiting, equalization, and other processes. Additional editing, pre-gapping, fading in and out, leveling, noise reduction and other enhancement processes and signal restoration can also be applied. This will ready your music for either analog or digital replication. The source material is then sequenced in the right order.
For when you mix your beats, here are some very helpful tips:
• The golden rule for mixing beats is that you should have a clean mix. For example, noise and hiss could be an aesthetic to your track, however, if it does not suit nor intended, get rid of it. There are hardware processors or some WAVES type-effects to do the trick for you.
• Too much filtering is not advisable because mastering engineers cannot fix over processed & over compressed tracks. Also, the quality of music will deteriorate as the sound produced may be too unclear. Therefore, just add effects that would complement your mixes.
• When you mix your beats, have these on a-3db output especially if these will undergo mastering after because this gives provision on headroom and preserves the dynamic range of your music. The final track will sound thin and weak without dynamic range; thus, make the track as loud as possible without over compressing. This way the mastering engineer can run the track through their expert compressors and gear.
• Lastly, you should have a backup of the master copies of your original track in your hard drive. The record company may own the sequence but the individual beats are still yours.
For hip hop lovers, mixing hip hop beats would surely be your passion. However, for your track or album to succeed, learn from those helpful tips.
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Demand Grows for Music Artist Autographs

Over recent years live reality TV music shows such as the 'X-Factor', 'American Idol', 'Pop Idol' and other such entities have seen huge growth and rising popularity. The result of such shows has meant that becoming a music artist is a readily available opportunity. With the rise of such shows, the demand for music artist autographs has also soared, as popular music and up and coming music stars emerge in their hundreds in a bid for success.
As well as the emergence of new solo artists and groups, the reformation of bands taking another bite at the cherry has also resulted in the increased demand for musician's autographs. 'Take That' in particular have sparked much hysteria over the past few years and fans have certainly responded to them getting back together as thousands flock to live gigs and look to get hold of memorabilia associated with the band.
Such demand for autographs has seen the industry expand and grow. For some fans meeting their music idol face-to-face is merely a dream, but in order to be part of history, they will go to any lengths to obtain priceless items associated with their favourite artist. The internet is a vast resource for obtaining music related autographs. Many websites make their trade in the buying and selling of priceless memorabilia, including autographs. Such sites are of huge benefit to fans that are looking to acquire autographs of many of their famous music stars. Whether past or present, genuine music artist autographs can be found provided you do your research and know where to look.
Obtaining autographs from the world of music should be an enjoyable hobby and the internet provides an inlet into developing that hobby, however, it is not without its difficulties. Many issues are brought to light regarding authenticity; with such a vast resource to manipulate there are unfortunately some people who will take advantage of that.
Aside from the internet, music artist autographs are a popular selling item at organised music events and festivals. With pictures neatly framed and accompanied by an autograph they are often purchased as a memento by many fans to re-create memories of gigs they have attended. Again, demand for autographs at these events is popular and sellers recognise the demand and oblige by giving adoring fans a treasured piece of memorabilia.
Given the ever increasing speed at which new artists are appearing one thing is for certain, the demand for music artist autographs will continue to grow. One way in which the demand is being met by musicians in particular is by answering requests through social networking sites.
Social networking sites allow access to celebrities on a much more personal basis and provide fans with an open dialogue to request autographs through celebrity home pages. The sites also detail public appearances at events such as record and book signings and in some cases this also acts as great exposure for specialist websites who sell music artist autographs as they can turn up at these events in order to acquire in demand autographs.
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Music Composition Software Overview and Analysis

Creating music in today's modern society is very different to how things were done in the past but by using music composition software musicians now have a larger array of tools and features to work with when creating their own music.
From a practical point of view music composition software is far superior to the now dated practice of physically writing notes or musical ideas down on paper and while I must admit there is a very almost "magical" feeling to doing things the old-fashioned way, with the advancements that have taken place with computers over the past few years music composition software is now more powerful than ever...
By using music composition software, audio enthusiasts and musicians are now able to create their art without the need for expensive musical instruments and equipment and this is because generally speaking most music software available today requires only an average personal computer to run on and most of the time these programs will also come with a custom audio library that musicians can use to further enhance their compositions.
Custom audio libraries are one of the most notable features of music composition software because they allow artists to create their music using virtual instruments which are often called VST's...
These virtual instruments play a vital part in music composition software because they are what make the software unique, by using these virtual instruments musicians and audio enthusiasts of all genres and disciplines can bypass the need for sourcing people to record their ideas and directly control the instruments from the computer.
From a creative point of view this ability to create music digitally with virtual instruments and drum kits is amazing because it means that people using the software can stay focused on their ideas which might otherwise have been lost or forgotten if the standard approach of writing it down, sourcing musicians and using expensive equipment were required instead...
The experimentation factor is also a key element of music composition software because by musicians having easy access to a vast array of virtual instruments and drum kits this allows them more diversity when it comes to instrument choice.
Music composition software has also played its part in pushing various genres forward in terms of creative experimentation and in some cases have been the sole reason for new genres being created...
Genres such as rap, hip hop, techno and of course drum and bass are all essentially the result of the gradual evolution of computer based digital music and they continue to reinvent themselves and bring the world fresh musical art by embracing music composition software.
Music composition software liberates creative artists from many of the shackles and hardships that have plagued musicians throughout the ages and enable them to now create music that would once have been impossible, whether it is traditional genres using notation software or modern genres using beat maker software the power of computers combined with the creativity of artistic minds is pushing music forward in all directions and as the software continues to become more intuitive and powerful we will be sure to see the evolution of existing music genres and the birth of new ones unleashing fresh new musical art into the world, that will ultimately enrich all our lives...
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Music Producers: Maintaining a Quality Sound On a Fixed Budget

Over the years we have seen the prices of music equipment become cheaper and cheaper while products become better and better. Once the personal computer became the main brain of the studio this changed everything. In addition, going from analog to digital made the playing field even and gave hope to music producers who had dreams of making their own music. Now and days you have young producers coming up using software like Fruity Loops producing hits for artist. Who would have thought that a person sitting in the middle of America or in China could make a beat in their bedroom that could change the music world. I think that is great for music but some people think that the cheap prices of equipment and software hurt the music. I strongly disagree making things more affordable opened up creativity to producers who may have never would have gotten the chance to create their own music.
At one time you couldn't get equipment like an MPC 2000 for less than three grand now things have changed because of software and products like fruity loops. The soft synth instruments have changed the game dramatically who would have thought you can make a beat that sounds like a full fledge orchestra on your computer. Just the other day I was working on my MV-8000 and I thought wow I brought this in 2005 and it's already considered old! I started searching online looking for something that would not break my budget but had quality to it. My search had me on YouTube looking at The Beat Thang at first I said what the hell is this? Then I watched the videos and went to the website and saw the specs I was like wow this is a good product.
Three days later I brought this virtual MPC that you can download on your Mac or PC and make beats with your computer keyboard. I downloaded the software and was blown away with the quality of the sounds that it comes with. I forgot to mention that it cost less than one hundred dollars and comes with over 3,000 mastered sounds, that's crazy! Right now I feel that I am definitely producing music on a budget while keeping a professional sound. Any producer that is reading this and you are on a budget and do not want to break your pockets but you want quality I think that the new software that is being developed can and will help you. Just look at all of the great beat making software products with high quality studio mastered sounds that you start with out the box. If this does not open up your creativity then I don't know what will.
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Fun Things to Do on the Internet

Not everyone wants to go on the internet for sick purposes, others just want to have fun. While it be chatting randomly with strangers and pissing them off or just looking at fun things. A lot of kids love to play games but sometimes it gets tedious and boring. Think of an Role playing game, it's fun but to role play all day gets out of hand. So what are some things you can do to laugh and relieve some stress.
Manga: Japanese comics is, not what many people do, but it is fun. It is an interesting read because they storyline is a lot better than American comics, in my opinion. And everything is fantasy fiction which brings out your imagination. What's best is that imagination is one of the best ways to have fun. So go look for manga streaming sites but don't get viruses. Don't look for sick perverted ones but the popular good ones.
Failblog: This place has a lot of fails and, who wouldn't want to see people fail. Have you seen a friend fall straight on his butt or face? Wasn't that funny? What about when you do something stupid? Everything is fun and games which makes it funny. So go out and have some laughs. Remember that failblog has a directory with other sites. The sites that I can recommend is comixed, art of trolling, very demotivational and sports. These are all fun and you will laugh. There is a lot of content so catch up on all the funny things that go on in life.
Fmylife: This is another site where people love to post how they failed in their day. It comes from having sex to just ordinary day. Making the simple mistakes human always makes, they love to share the details. So go read some of this blog post and you will have some laughs. This site also has an extended site known as givesmehope. This site is just the opposite.
All these things to do on the internet is a fun read. So go out there and if you see something you like. Keep going to it, it's great to laugh during the day. Keeps the stress out of your life.
Givesmehope is a truly powerful site so you might want to read that.